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Discounted class flight tickets can be found on the websites of the airlines or on travel sites. You can also look for them at the office of your local travel agent. There are many things that can make easier, finding discounts on plane tickets in first class. You can book your tickets early and you can book round tickets instead of one way tickets. You can also avoid flights to major airports choosing flights to nearby smaller airports and cover the rest of the distance by car or train. Flights to smaller airports cost much less. Another thing you can do is avoid the day before a holiday and weekends. It is easier to find discounts on business class plane tickets on week days and days after a holiday.

Here's how to find your cheap business class flight and low cost airfare : Enter your dates once and have search and find the best rates between your choosen airports around given dates. We sort & filter top most relevent results according to price, trip time and stops. By clicking on the “book” button, you will be forwarded onto details page where you can complete the reservation for the airfare.